Setting Goals in 2016

Setting BIG, HUGE Goals for 2016!

There are ONLY 4 days left until the New Year and I can’t even put into words just how AMPED up I am for 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even contain the EXCITEMENT!!!

My team and I have HUGE GOALS for 2016! Goals that, 2 years ago, I would have LAUGHED AT as completely IMPOSSIBLE! I mean, who was I to have goals THIS big?? I was a second-grade teacher who became a stay at home mom and was (and still am!!) swimming in dirty laundry, diapers, dishes, and toys all over the floor!

2015 was completely AMAZING. It was the year where, by sitting at my kitchen counter helping people reach their health and fitness goals by connecting them with fitness programs, I was able to completely PAY OFF over $30k of credit card debt. I remember last year at this time, once all the presents were unwrapped, just WAITING for the credit card bill to arrive after the holidays. This year was our FIRST YEAR in 14 YEARS that we actually had the money to pay for the holidays!

I went on FOUR trips paid for by Beachbody – Los Angelas, San Diego, Nashville, and Mexico. And we are only 8 weeks away from a carribean CRUISE where I will be taking my parents with me! I am SO EXCITED!

Our team has taken THEIR families on vacation – paid down debts – QUIT their jobs to stay home with their kids or REDUCE their hours to part time. It’s just been AMAZING.

Nick and I were just talking about how 2016 is going to be the BEST year we have ever had! I had some goals that I was thinking about back in August, but this month I erased them and went BIGGER. I am COMMITTED to helping people reach their goals – whether they are health, fitness, happiness, or their financial situation. There is almost NOTHING as rewarding as seeing people reach THEIR GOALS!

I will be CLOSELY mentoring 5 women in the month of January – SERIOUS people who WANT to make a change and TRULY CARE about helping OTHERS! My team and I will be working SIDE BY SIDE with these people to show them how we have built successful businesses that have changed our lives and could do the same for them also.

So, this year is going to be CRAZY AWESOME INSANE! We joke about going BALLS TO THE WALL in our team and that’s what is happening in 2016. I’m going to be here today, tomorrow, and in a year from now helping people reach THEIR goals and in turn reaching my own. When will YOU decide to make that leap and make 2016 your BEST YEAR YET! YOU CAN DO IT!

If you want to know what my goals are, DON’T BE SHY! All you have to do is REACH OUT!

Shoot me a message and I’ll fill ya in OR drop your email below and then we can just CHAT about YOUR goals too!

I hope you will come along on this CRAZY AWESOME PARTY BUS for 2016 because it’s going to be the ride of a lifetime!

Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

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