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Team Forever Strong Leadership Retreat Recap!

Two weeks ago we had our very first Team Forever Strong Leadership Retreat in Newry, Maine; and it was such an amazing and emotional weekend FILLED with leadership training, learning, bonding, laughs, and some crying with 14 of the TOP leaders on our Team!

As an online health & fitness coach, I do 90% of my work at home, at my kitchen countertop, when the kids go to bed at night! I have met some of the leaders who attended the retreat before since they live locally, but we had many fly in from around the country to join in, and it was amazing how I have been chatting and Zoom (video conference) calling with some of these girls for almost 2 years and was able to finally meet some of  them for the very first time! And the cool thing is, it felt like we had known each other our entire lives!

One of the really awesome things about coaching is that you get to surround yourself with people who share a common goal of personal growth and self improvement. In life, so often we build relationships with people based on the past – where we went to school, where we worked, people who live near us. As we “grow” through our lives, we often go in different paths that take us apart, but maintain relationships because of that core foundation. What’s really cool about the people I meet in coaching is that people can come from wildly different backgrounds – but it’s the shared vision of the FUTURE, not the past, that brings us together!

This retreat spanned five days and I won’t go into all the details, but here are some of the awesome things that happened:

  • We did a photo shoot with hair / makeup and a professional photographer!
  • We had food catered for all three dinners – it was really amazing (If you are ever in Newry, Maine, definitely check out the Good Food Store! Each night we had a theme. Friday was Italian Night, Saturday was Taco Bar, and Sunday we had a full-blown LOBSTER BAKE! Some of the girls who traveled in had never had lobster before!
  • We made  a campfire and wrote down some of our biggest fears or the things holding us back in life. We read them out loud and then BURNED those suckers!
  • We did two workouts in the morning! 21 Day Fix Plyo Extreme and T25 Alpha Cardio!
  • We had leadership training from Beachbody’s corporate tea;, including 1:1 mentoring sessions
  • We built dream boards and let our imaginations FLY with our goals! “Dream without constraints”
  • On our last night, we sent off Wish Lanterns with our dreams written on them

At the end of the retreat, we really bonded like a family. It’s really hard to put into words – the video lets everyone speak about it for themselves – but the real theme is that we all love what we do. It’s a career around helping people reach their goals – and it goes so far beyond just health and fitness. It’s about personal fulfillment, growth, and being the best you can be, for yourself and for your family. These girls are so inspiring to me and I can’t wait to see them again in Nashville this summer at Summit!


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