Tony Horton 22 Minute Hard Corps - Cardio 2 Review

22 Minute Hard Corps – Day #5 – Cardio 2 Review

22 Minute Hard Corps – Cardio 2 Overview

  • Trainer: Tony Horton
  • Cardio 2 Duration: 22 minutes! There is a COLD START which adds on ~10 minutes if you need to warm up first. If you do everything, we are talking about 32 minutes.
  • Cardio 2 Goals: This is a cardio routine. It consists of 7 moves set to a cadence. More leg workouts and higher reps than in Cardio 1.
  • Cardio 2 Required Equipment: A mat is nice but not required. Other than that, just a small square to workout in!

22 Minute Hard Corps – Cardio 2 Moves

Some notes -Tony delivers this in 22 minutes. It’s three rounds of seven moves, with varying repetitions (reps). Some go up and some go down, just like Resistance 1 and Cardio 1. NO Bonus Round! (Trust me, you will be thankful!)

  1. Sprint in Place – Like it sounds, high knees in-place sprinting. While you spring, move you arms also – Tony will say “cheek to cheek” – from your butt cheek to your cheek on your face 🙂  22 minute hard corps sprint in place
  2. Mountain Climbers – Plank position, and move your knees in and back. 2 moves counts as 1 rep. 22 minute hard corps mountain_climbers
  3. Straight Leg Sprint – Anyone who has done a Shaun T workout knows about these. It’s basically kicking with a straight leg. These get really difficult towards the end of the reps. 22 minute hard corps straight leg sprint
  4. Gorilla Crawl – OMG! This one is SO HARD, because you are in a super low squat the ENTIRE time. Basically you start off in a squat, place your hands to the side and then jump laterally while keeping your hands on the ground. You do this twice in each direction before going back. The first round is 16 reps which will leave you ON FIRE.
    22 minute hard corps gorilla crawl
  5. Jimmy Jumps – This is a simple jump but each on you alternate which hand goes in the air (like you are shooting a basket). To make this(MUCH) harder, you can go deeper into the squat. By the end of my first round I was barely squatting anymore … 22 minute hard corps jimmy jumps
  6. Water Bug – This is like a lateral Plyo push up , but without the actual push up part. You basically jump side to side in the plank position.  22 minute hard corps water bug
  7. Frog Burpee – By this point my legs were burned out. But yeah – burpees! YAY! These are hard like the Gorilla Crawls because you stay down the entire time. Wide feet / wide legs, you hop back into a blank, back up to a squat and then you look up, but keep down in the knees, no standing up like a regular burpee. So all reps are done low in your legs. 22 minute hard corps frog burpee

22 Minute Hard Corps – Cardio 2 Day #5 Review & Thoughts:  

Well, dang. I was honestly thinking after Cardio 1 that this would program was going to be challenging, but not really OVERLY difficult, like 21 Day Fix Extreme or a Insanity. I was wrong. This workout was REALLY fast paced. I had to modify quite a bit during some of the moves to get to the end, including not going so low on my squats. I can tell I have some work to do!

The hardest move or me was the Gorilla Crawls. The first five or so go OK, and then you start to feel the burn, and then there is really no relenting after that. Plus, the reps go UP during the three rounds; so they just get harder as you go along.

I was completely drenched after 22 minutes. Big THANKS to Tony for holding off on the Bonus Round this time… the three rounds of 7 was enough to give me an extremely effective workout.

These workouts, while cadenced, still have low rest in between (just 22 seconds between rounds; and only 10 or so seconds between moves) – and the rep counts are HIGH, so if you push hard and go dep in your lunges, the workout you get with this can be very surprising. It feels like a full-length, 30 – 40 minute workout, but you check your clock and you are already finished.



22 Minute Hard Corps Day #5 Meals: 

What I ate today!

  • Breakfast – Vegan Chocolate Shakeology with Unsweetened Almond Milk, Coconut, and PB2
  • Snack – Apple Slices and Almonds
  • Lunch – Grilled Chicken Salad with Fixate Honey Mustard
  • Snack – Banana and Pepper Strips with Hummus
  • Dinner – Chicken and Quinoa Peppers

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