Core De Force Dynamic Strength Review

Core De Force Day #2 Review – Dynamic Strength Review

Core De Force – Dynamic Strength – Details

  • Trainers: Joel Freeman and Jericho McMathews
  • Dynamic Strength Duration: About 45 minutes. This one is a little longer, with 12 rounds!
  • Dynamic Strength Goals: This workout is all about strength training, with a strong focus on rotation, the core, and the upper body (through varied pushups)
  • Dynamic Strength Required Equipment: Nothing!

Core De Force Dynamic Strength Moves

Dynamic Strength consists of a warmup; followed by twelve three minute rounds! While that sounds like a lot, it’s really two sets of six; with the second half being an intensified / modified version of the first round.

Each three minute Dynamic Strength round has 3 moves, typically a type of pushup, a leg move, and then something for your core and / or balance!

There is a short break, then you go to the next round! While this Core De Force workout is not a cardio workout like MMA speed is, I was definitely soaked by the end, as was my husband!

Dynamic Strength Round #1

  • Inchworm Pushups – Here come the pushups! You start in the standing position, bending at the waist until your hands hit the floor, then walk out to a plank position, pushup, and walk it back up until you are standing again. Repeat!core-de-force-dynamic-strength-inchworm-pushups
  • Bridge Reachover –  Lying on your back, place your legs up near your butt and then lift your hips until you have a nice straight line. From there you rotate side to side, reaching with the opposite hand across your body until you hit the ground.core de force - dynamic strength - bridge reachover
  • Single Leg Balance With Kick (Right) – Standing up on just your left foot, you bend down and touch your toe (bending your knees more makes this harder) then come up and kick! Try to stay on one foot the entire time.core de force - dynamic strength - leg balance with kick

Round #2

  • Scissor Pushup – This pushup has you start in a plank position, then move one foot under the other leg to the inside and do the pushup. Switch sides and repeat.core de force - dynamic strength - scissor pushup
  • Sumo Squat with Leg Check – A wide-stance squat with your toes pointed outwards. After the squat, you lift a leg up to the outside, keeping that focus on your core. core de force - dynamic strength - sumo squat with leg check
  • Single Leg Balance with Kick (Left) – Same as Round #1, just with the other leg 🙂

Round #3

  • Walking Split Push Up –  Yup, more push ups! These are basically staggered hand pushups, so one hand is next to your chest and the other is out to the side. The one directly to your side does some major work on your triceps. Switch sides after each rep! core de force - dynamic strength - balanced repeating side kick tap down
  • Circle Sit Up Uppercut – Pretty straightforward situps, but at the top you get some rotation with an uppercut move! core de force -dynamic strength - circular sit uppercut
  • Balanced Repeating Side Kick, Tap Down (Right)  – A balance and leg move! You left up your knee high, and then kick out sideways. Pointing your toe DOWN makes this a LOT harder! This one BURNED my outer thigh!core de force - dynamic strength - walking split push up

Round #4

  • Push Up to Knee Hip Escape – A push up, and in the plank position you rotate your knee under and tap it.  (So much rotation work!!) core de force - dynamic strength - push up to knee hip escape
  • Floating Starfish – This one is a back work out (posterior chain). You lay on your stomach and extend your arms and legs to all four corners and lift it up. Then you alternate (Right Hand, Left Leg) and then (Left Hand, Right Leg) lifts. core de force dynamic strength floating starfish
  • Balanced Repeating Side Kick, Tap Down (Left) – Same as Round #3’s move, just the other leg!

Round #5

  • Triple Wide Push Ups – This push up has you going staggering from narrow push ups (shoulder width apart), to regular push ups, to wide push ups, and then back again.
  • Left Reverse Lunge w/ Twist – Reverse lunge with your left leg, and when you come back up again, twist in the direction of your lifted knee. Keep your hands near your ears and your chest up. core de force dynamic strength - left reverse lunge with twist
  • Alternating Side Plank – Plank position with your elbows to the ground. Rotate to the side and lift one arm up in the air, come back down and switch sides. core de force dynamic strength alternating side plank

Round #6

  • Sphinx Blasters – This is definitely the hardest move of the workout in my opinion. Major tricep blaster! This is a four -part move, in this round you start on your knees. Begin in a plank pushup position, then go down to a low plank, then (the fun part) you push your hips back and up while rotating on your triceps. Hard!core de force dynamic strength - sphinx blasters
  • Right Reverse Lunge w/ Twist – Same as Round #5, but the opposite leg 🙂
  • Sit Up Escape – This one is fun! You start in a situp position, but with one leg sticking out. After you do the situp, you rotate and plant your hands to the outside of the straight leg. You then get up and shift yourself over to the other side, and do another situp. core de force - dynamic strength - sit up escape

Round #7 through 12  – Halfway There!

I won’t run through all the moves in the second half of this workout – they are the same base moves as Rounds 1 through 6 – but they get more advanced. This is typically done with either more balancing (no toe taps), or leg lifts, for example.

Core De Force – Dynamic Strength Review & Thoughts: 

We are on Day #2 of the brand-new Core De Force program that just launched on October 31st, and we have here our copy of the program SIGNED by the Supertrainers themselves, Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews. How cool is that, right?

So today was Day #2 and the workout was Dynamic Strength, and I have some work to do! But the great news, and what I love about this program so far, is that every move has a modified move. There were 12 rounds, and each round had some type of push up, and I definitely struggled to do them on my toes – but it’s only Day #2 and that’s OK! I will keep getting STRONGER as I do this workout, so I modified, and it’s doable!

There are some really awesome moves, the reverse lunge twist in the video is a fun one!

Lots of core work and combination moves that involve your core. Even with push ups, there is staggering of the hands, rotational movements, that work your core. It can be tough for sure, it reminded a bit of our P90X days from way back in the day, but definitely doable with the modifications.

I’m definitely looking forward to really seeing the improvements I have after 30 days!

It’s not about speed with any of these moves in Dynamic Strength either – it’s all about form, balance, and as Jericho says, “Activating” your core.

If you struggle with some moves like I did, again that modifier is right there. I also used Hydrate for the first time today, as this was a 50 minute workout, and I wanted to have the energy to get through it.

So yesterday’s workout was MMA speed, which was mostly cardio; and this workout today was all about strength training, again with NO weights, and tomorrow is back to MMA Speed again.

Core De Force Meals: 

What I ate today! (you can view my entire Week #1 Meal Plan and Grocery List here!)

  • Breakfast -Chocolate Shakeology w/ chilled coffee, 1/2 a banana, 2 Tsp peanut butter
  • Snack – Banana
  • Lunch – Steak Salad with Mango Lime Dressing (from the Core De Force Eating Plan)
  • Snack – Tea
  • DinnerJalapeno and Cheese Burgers (from the Core De Force Eating Plan)
  • Evening Snack – 2 Eggs w/ 1/2 Whole Grain English Muffin

Have any questions for me about this program? Post ’em in the comments or shoot me an email at!

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