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Core De Force Day #5 Review – MMA Shred

Core De Force – MMA Shred – Details

  • Trainers: Joel Freeman and Jericho McMathews
  • MMA Shred Duration: About 36 minutes, comprised of (9)  –  3 minute rounds.
  • MMA Shred Goals: This workout is a 9 round Cardio focused workout.
  • MMA Shred Required Equipment: Nothing!

Core De Force MMA Shred Moves

Similar to MMA Speed, MMA shred consists of 3 minute rounds; however this time we go from 6 rounds to 9! This makes the workout about 9 minutes longer than MMA speed, but every round is different so you won’t even notice the extra time, but you WILL notice the extra sweat and calories. I was definitely getting weaker near the end of this routine.

Also similar to MMA speed, the format is a combo move for 1 minute, followed by a 30 second “spike” – a calorie-burning move to get your heart rate up. Then you repeat that again to complete the 3 minute round.

MMA Shred Round #1

  • Front Side Elbow, Rear Side Elbow, Roll Front, Roll Back – In this move you throw your elbow, which makes you rotate more to get the same swing. You start with you front arm and bend at the elbow, striking parallel with the ground. Then you roll back and roll front. Core de force mma shred front side elbow rear side elbow
  • High Knee Jump Rope – the “spike” move is 30 seconds of getting those knees up as fast as you can

MMA Shred Round #2

  • Jab, Front Up Elbow, Cross, Rear Up Elbow – the up elbow move is like “slicking your hair back”. It gives you some additional rotation as you move your elbow up.
    core de force mma shred jab front up elbow cross rear up elbow
  • Clinch Knee  – The spike move is an alternating clinch knee. Reach up, clasp your hands, and then pull them in and knee forward. Leaning back on the knee makes this harder. core de force mma shred clinch knee

MMA Shred Round #3

  • Rear Snap Kick, Switch Snap Kick – In your dominant stance, kick with your rear foot. Once your foot lands on the ground again, you switch stance so you snap kick your other leg.
  • Left Reverse Lunge, Clinch Knee – the spike move, Similar to clinch knee above, except you stick with just one leg for this round and go into a reverse lunge in between.

MMA Shred Round #4

  • Jab, Cross, Front Slashing Elbow, Rear Slashing Elbow – Start with a jab and then a rear cross, then make a 45 degree slash (top to bottom) with your front elbow, and then do the rear elbow. core de force mma shred jab cross front slashing elbow rear slashing elbow
  • Switch Jumps – The SPIKE move – Getting in a low and wide stance, keep your head and shoulders facing forward, and then move your legs back and forth. The lower you stay in the lunge the harder this move is.

MMA Shred Round #5

  • Front Up Elbow, Rear Knee, Switch Snap Kick  – Starting to combine some of the earlier movies. This one starts with an up elbow, then a rear knee, and a jump to change positions and a snap kick with the non-dominant leg.
  • Triple Lunge Ginga Hob – The SPIKE move – A reverse lunge, do three full lunges, then hop to the other side. This move gets a lot harder if you really focus on a  full range of motion during the lunge.core de force mma shred triple lunge with ginga hop

MMA Shred Round #6

  • Cross, Front Side Elbow, Rear Snap Kick – Again all moves we have done before, but these combos allow for heavy rotation and deeper leg movements.
  • Guarded Squat / Squat Jump – The SPIKE move – This one is tough! It’s a squat, keeping your chest and eyes up, followed by a jump. You land back into the squat, pump it once, then jump again. Quads on FIYAAA!core de force mma shred guarded squat squat jump

MMA Shred Round #7

  • Rear Push Kick, Front Push Kick, Shuffle Back – This move is different than a regular snap kick. It’s a PUSH movement where you really drive your hips forward to push your opponent away. In this move, you do a rear push kick, and as your dominant foot is forward you then push kick with the other foot, and then shuffle back. I noticed at this point even my shuffles were starting to get a little sloppy from my legs being so tired.
  • Alternating Clinch Knee – The same as Round #2’s Spike Move

MMA Shred Round #8

  • Front Slashing Elbow, Rear Slashing Elbow, Double Jab, Cross – Similar to other moves we have done, the unique move is the double jab. During this move, you punch forward twice with your forward hand, and then use that forward momentum behind a powerful cross. I really imagined a target in front of me and it made it harder!
  • Alternating Clinch Knee – The same as Round #2’s Spike Move.

MMA Shred  Round #9 (Last Round!!)

  • Front Up Elbow, Rear Knee, Push Kick – I actually came into Round #9 wondering what was going to be thrown at me, and this move, while still making me sweat, wasn’t as confusing as some of the others. So I was able to put some energy behind it in the last 3 minutes MMA Shred.
  • Guarded Squat, Squat Jump – The same as Round #6’s Spike Move. Make it harder – jump HIGHER and squat LOWER!

And BOOM, that’s the end!

Core De Force – MMA Shred Review & Thoughts: 

This is the second “Cardio” MMA workout I have done in the Core De Force MMA workout program (the first was MMA Speed). MMA speed was short (about 27 minutes) and included knee moves, but no kicks. This workout starts to add in kicks which adds some more calorie burn. Also there are 9 rounds, vs. the 6 in MMA Speed, which also is why this workout is about 10 minutes longer than MMA Speed.

MMA Shred is definitely a step up from MMA Speed, also because it uses full kicks and not just knee movements. So you have more motion going. Also, the newly introduced elbow moves make rotation and “engaging the core” even more important, so you feel it when this workout is done!

Core De Force Meals: 

What I ate today! (you can view my entire Week #1 Meal Plan and Grocery List here!)

  • Breakfast -Chocolate Shakeology w/ chilled coffee, 1/2 a banana, 2 Tsp PB2 powdered peanut butter
  • Snack – 2 Eggs w/ an olive oil drizzle
  • Lunch – Leftover grilled chicken breast w/ asparagus and sweet potato
  • Snack – Hummus and Veggies
  • Dinner – FIXATE Turkey Chili
  • Evening Snack –Apple

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