Core De Force Week 2 Meal Plan and Grocery List

Core De Force – Week #2 Meal Plan and Grocery List (Plan A)

Download Core De Force Week #2 Meal Plan and Grocery List (Excel)


So, today starts Week #2, and with a new week comes a new meal plan! I did re-use a lot of my meals from Week #1 (Did you miss Week #1? Click here to see my meal plan and grocery list from the first week of Core De Force!), but I also added in a bunch of new ones from the Fixate cookbook, which I highly recommend!!

Core De Force Grocery ListAfter a LONG day out yesterday I got to the grocery store so we could be prepped for the week and I am READY to go into Week #2 with STRONG results!

Also, you will notice on Saturday, Nick and I are going to be at a Coach Leadership Event on Cape Cod, so we left it blank and I just added some containers to it that I might expect to eat. I will track it on that day and make decisoins based upon what I have available for container count.

The only difference, container wise, that Core De Force Week #2 presents is that you get to add in an extra Purple container (fruits), so I will be adding 1/2 banana to my Shakeology in the morning; which will help me get the energy I need to power through my workouts!

So, after some tweaking, I came up with the following Core De Force Plan “A” Week #2 Meal PlannerCore De Force Week 2 Meal Plan

Yum! It’s plenty of food to keep me on point and ready to rock during the program.

Core De Force Week #2 Grocery List

Here is the grocery list (sorted by grocery store department!) that goes along with the above meal plan. I’ve found that over time I end up with some leftovers and condiments / oils / etc. I only need to buy intermittently. So for a family of four without doing any crazy coupon clipping this ran me about $150.

This is enough to feed me, my husband (who is on Plan B!), and our two kids (4 and 2 years old)!

How much



4 6.5″ Whole Wheat Pita Bread
1 Whole Grain English Muffin Bread
1 Loaf Whole Grain Toast Bread
1 can Black Beans Canned
1 can Kidney Beans Canned
2 15 oz cans Diced Tomatos Canned
28 oz Crushed Tomatos Canned
8 oz can Tomato Paste Canned
1 Can Canned Tuna Canned
n/a Chili Powder Condiments
n/a Crushed Red Pepper Condiments
n/a Salt Condiments
n/a Pepper Condiments
n/a Garlic Powder Condiments
n/a Onion Powder Condiments
n/a Paprika Condiments
n/a Cumin Condiments
Small Container Goat Cheese Dairy
1/2 Gallon Almond Milk Dairy
15 oz Part Skim ricotta cheese Dairy
16 oz Shredded Mozarella Dairy
1/4 cup Shredded Parmesan Dairy
Olive Oil Eggs Dairy
Small Yogurt Dairy
4 Onion Fruits & Veggies
3 Green Pepper Fruits & Veggies
4 Red Pepper Fruits & Veggies
3 Medium Tomatos Fruits & Veggies
1 Butternut Squash Fruits & Veggies
1 small container Fresh Cilantro Fruits & Veggies
Sprig Fresh Fresh Basil Fruits & Veggies
4 Zucchini Fruits & Veggies
3 Garlic (Cloves) Fruits & Veggies
3 Medium Sweet Potato Fruits & Veggies
1 Red Onion Fruits & Veggies
1 package Kale Fruits & Veggies
1 Cherry tomatos Fruits & Veggies
1 Avocado Fruits & Veggies
Small Pecans Fruits & Veggies
1 Mango Fruits & Veggies
3 Limes Fruits & Veggies
1 Oranges Fruits & Veggies
3 Cucumber Fruits & Veggies
8 oz Mixed Berries (strawberries, blueberries, etc) Fruits & Veggies
6 Banana Fruits & Veggies
7 Apple Fruits & Veggies
Small Alfalfa sprouts Fruits & Veggies
2 Package Romaine or Bibb Leaves Fruits & Veggies
2 Lemon Fruits & Veggies
Small Veggies for Hummus Dip (carrots, celery, etc.) Fruits & Veggies
1 Cantaloupe Fruits & Veggies
Small Strawberries Fruits & Veggies
1.5 lb lean raw beef stew meat Meat
2 lb Lean Ground Turkey Meat
1 lb Lean Ground Beef Meat
1 lb Tilapia Meat
3 lb Chicken Breast Meat
1 lb Flank Steak Meat
1/2 lb Turkey Breast, low sodium Meat
1 container Low Sodium Beef Broth Other
n/a Olive Oil Other
n/a Olive Oil Spray Other
1 Jar Peanut Butter Other
Small Worcestershire Sauce Other
Small Maple Syrup Other
Small Apple Cider Vinegar Other
Small Honey Other
Small Container Hummus Other
Small Balsamic Vinegar Other
Small Dijon Mustard Other
Small Almond Butter Other

Here is the meal plan and grocery list in Excel, if you like that more :)I hope this helps! I’ll be sharing my progress through Core De Force over the next month!

Download Core De Force Week #2 Meal Plan and Grocery List (Excel)

Also, if you don’t have Excel or prefer Google Sheets, here is a copy on Google Drive you can use & share!

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