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My Ultimate Reset Results

My Ultimate Reset results are up!!!!!! The reason why I did this program was because upon returning from my trip from Cancun, I was feeling like total garbage! I was on a downward spiral and all my old unhealthy habits were starting to creep back in again. I ended up getting Montezumas revenge so my stomach was having MAJOR issues, I was constantly bloated, having a TON of acid reflux from not eating well and drinking too much, my energy levels weren’t up to where they were prior so I was feeling a lot more sluggish and just tired more frequently. I was just starting to feel like CRAP again and I DID NOT want to go back down that unhealthy road that I used to live on!

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So thank goodness my friend Candice reached out to me and told me about this program and asked me to do it with her and some other people! I will be honest! This definitely was the BEST program I have ever done, but was also the hardest one I have done. Just my opinion. It was totally worth it because I literally have NEVER felt better in my entire life! My stomach always had trouble because I LOVE cheese and other dairy and it would always just upset my tummy but you don’t eat any of that on this program for 3 weeks. Now I don’t have any bloating or stomach pains and I am not even craving any of that stuff at all! And trust me….I am a total foody!!

The recipes in this program were really awesome and satisfying for sure! I was always stuffed after eating and even my husband and kids liked them too! So I’ll be continuing to incorporate them into my daily menus! I tried so many new foods that I had never even thought to try before and LOVED it all! I’ve never eaten as clean as I have this past 21 days and I FEEL great!

There is no working out during this program, except something light like yoga or walking, because your body needs all the energy it can get to detox and restore your body. I did enjoy having that extra time each day when I would typically be working out, to focus on my business but I am REALLY excited to hop back into it and get started again with the Fix EXTREME workouts!

I cheated once and had a handful of these crunchy organic things and the entire next day had major pains in my stomach! So needless to say, I am in NO rush to feed my face with anything processed anytime soon!! Totally check this program out and chat with me about it if your body needs to be restored back to its most natural state! You won’t be disappointed and I actually can’t believe I waited as long as I did to try this program out! Worth every penny!

Interested in doing your own Ultimate Reset? You can buy it here or get in touch with me and we can talk about it!

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