Cancun Moon Palace Beachbody Success Club Trip

Thank you Beachbody! All Expenses Paid Trip to Cancun this April!


I became a Beachbody coach at the very end of June, 2014 – and I remember when I first signed up hearing about the potential to go on the annual all-expenses paid trip, which for 2015 was Moon Palace Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico. So I put my name on the wait list but HONESTLY did not think I would ever get off of it considering I had only been coaching for 6 months and I was way up in the 100s. I even had a babysitter lined for the kiddos at the end of 2014; but cancelled because I didn’t think I would make it off the wait list.

WELL today when I opened my email I COULD NOT believe it when I got notification saying “CONGRATULATIONS, a spot has opened up for you” and not only that but because of all my hard work last year the trip is FREE for me and my husband. (Assuming we can get a babysitter!)

Waitlist Email for Team Beachbody Success Club Trip

So while I sit around looking at the 12 feet of snow out here in Massachusetts, I know that in just about 6 short weeks I’ll be soaking up the sun with some of the most positive and amazing group of people I’ve ever known! It’s because of them and this company that I wake up every day motivated and inspired to be better and to reach for goals I would have never thought attainable before. I FREAKIN’ LOVE it!

Want to learn more about coaching? Get in touch with me! 

The Success Club 2016 trip is a CRUISE on Royal Caribbean, and there is still time to get on the waitlist, and I can show you how to earn it for free!



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