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The People You Love Deserve Your Support!

One of the things I have found SO surprising in the past 21 months since Katherine Reuter became a Team Beachbody Coach is how many SPOUSES become the roadblocks to someone’s success or personal growth.

It BLOWS my mind – why on earth would someone try to prevent their spouse from achieving at a minimum better health and a path of self improvement, and with some consistent work over time, some income as well?

Sometimes it happens before they even start, like… “I talked with my husband and he told me I can’t do it”. HUH?

Now, to set the stage for this, I want to share with you guys that i was EXTREMELY skeptical when Kathi started on this path. I told her I was positive it would be a waste of time and energy, that she might as well go to the casino and throw the money on the roulette table.

I did this because I didn’t want her to be disappointed with what I thought would be inevitable failure (boy, was I wrong).

But those comments to her were just recommendations – not a MANDATE. I’m not her boss and she isn’t mine. We are PARTNERS in life.

So, we sat down, TOGETHER and came up with some boundaries that we were BOTH on the same page with. The worst thing that happens is we both get in better shape (we had already loved P90X from way back in 2009) and if she didn’t start earning an income at the 2 month mark we were going to cancel because as many of you know our financial situation was pretty freaking rough at the time. So she went for it, and it ended up being (literally) one of the best decisions we have EVER made in our entire life. I almost get sick now thinking about how things would be if I had actually somehow stopped Kathi from going after what she wanted.

Forget about Beachbody, this goes way beyond just coaching. We should be SUPPORTING our significant others. It doesn’t mean you necessarily AGREE with it. You don’t have to – you are different people after all. Things that are important to her may not be important to you, and the same thing the other way around.

But don’t be that person that shuts down someone’s ambition, fire, or drive in life, no matter what they are going for. No one has the right to do that to someone else. And the people you love deserve your support.


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