Core De Force Week 4 Meal Plan and Grocery list

Core De Force – Week 4 Meal Plan and Grocery List – Plan A

Download Core De Force Week #4 Meal Plan and Grocery List (Excel)

I am on to Core De Force Week #4, and yet another meal plan! to make things easier for myself, I am repeating a lot of the recipes and in particular, snacks. What I am introducing is a few new meals for lunch and for dinner!

healthy groceries and shopping listI have found a great way that really helps me come up with these plans quickly. First, I choose a few main dinners I want and plug those into my tracker. I then add in lunches. And finally, I fill in snacks based on what I have remaining for containers.

This week will be a little more difficult from a workout perspective because the extra fruit I had in Week #2 and the extra fruit and healthy fat I had in Week #3 go away in order to burn the most calories possible towards my goals, while the workouts remain intense. But the results will speak for themselves!!

Before I go into the recipes & menu, a quick recap – this week I did get invited impromptu to a country concert at Mohegan Sun with a friend of mine. but,I stayed strong! I did save a yellow for my favorite captain and coke; but for dinner I had a lot of shrimp and some veggies. There were a LOT of temptations and an AMAZING dessert tray, but I stayed strong!! My routine is working!!

This week is also Thanksgiving, but I am actually going to be OK on that day, I will eat some turkey and use minimal amounts of fat. Check out this great video from Autumn Calabrese, this is about the 21 day fix, but applies to the containers in Core De Force also!

20 days are done now and it’s the final stretch. After week #4 there are only two extra days to get to the 30 days of the program,but this week includes some intense workouts and adds in core workouts on many of the days. So here we go!

So, here it is! My Core De Force Plan “A” Week #4 Meal Planner!

Core De Force Meal Plan and Grocery List for Week 4

I’m going to be using a few recipes from our clean eating groups,like crispy Greek turkey wraps and veggie / hummus wraps. Yum!

Core De Force Week #4 Grocery List

Here is the grocery list (sorted by grocery store department!) that goes along with the above meal plan. I’ve found that over time I end up with some leftovers and condiments / oils / etc. I only need to buy intermittently. So for a family of four without doing any crazy coupon clipping this ran me about $150.

How much



6 6.5″ Whole Wheat Pita Bread
1 package Whole Grain English Muffin Bread
1 Loaf Whole Grain Toast Bread
6 Whole Grain Flatbread or Tortillas Bread
2 Cans Black Beans Canned
2 Cans Corn Canned
2 28 oz Crushed Tomatos Canned
1 jar Organic no sugar tomato sauce Canned
2 Small cans Tomato Paste Canned
N/A Chili Powder Condiments
N/A Crushed Red Pepper Condiments
N/A Salt Condiments
N/A Pepper Condiments
N/A Greek Seasoning Condiments
N/A Garlic Powder Condiments
N/A Onion Powder Condiments
N/A Oregano Condiments
N/A Cumin Condiments
1 Almond Milk Dairy
1 package Shredded Mozarella Dairy
Small container Shredded Parmesan Dairy
Small Greek Yogurt Dairy
Dozen Eggs Dairy
Small Feta Cheese Dairy
2 Onion Fruits & Veggies
2 Green Pepper Fruits & Veggies
1 bunch Asparagus Fruits & Veggies
3 Red Pepper Fruits & Veggies
1 Eggplant Fruits & Veggies
1 White Sliced Mushrooms Fruits & Veggies
1 Medium Tomatos Fruits & Veggies
1 Spaghetti Squash Fruits & Veggies
1 bunch Fresh Cilantro Fruits & Veggies
1 bunch Fresh Basil Fruits & Veggies
4 Zucchini Fruits & Veggies
5 Garlic (Cloves) Fruits & Veggies
2 Sweet Potato Fruits & Veggies
2 Red Onion Fruits & Veggies
1 bunch Kale Fruits & Veggies
1 Cucumber Fruits & Veggies
Small package Mixed Berries (strawberries, blueberries, etc) Fruits & Veggies
8 Banana Fruits & Veggies
5 Apple Fruits & Veggies
1 package Alfalfa sprouts Fruits & Veggies
2 packages Romaine or Bibb Leaves Fruits & Veggies
2 Lemon Fruits & Veggies
Small Brussel Sprouts Fruits & Veggies
1 Veggies for Hummus Dip (carrots, celery, etc.) Fruits & Veggies
1 Cantaloupe Fruits & Veggies
Small Cherry tomatos Fruits & Veggies
1 container Strawberries Fruits & Veggies
3 lb Lean Ground Turkey Meat
1 lb Shrimp Meat
1 lb Tilapia Meat
3 lb Chicken Breast Meat
1/2 Lb Turkey Breast, low sodium Meat
N/A Lemon Juice Other
Small Shredded Unsweetened Coconut Other
Small Container Olive Oil Other
Small Container Olive Oil Spray Other
1 Peanut Butter Other
N/A Worcestershire Sauce Other
Small Container Maple Syrup Other
Small Apple Cider Vinegar Other
Small Container Hummus Other
Small Container Balsamic Vinegar Other
Small Container Dijon Mustard Other
1 Almond Butter Other

This is enough to feed me, my husband (who is on Plan B!), and our two kids (4 and 2 years old)!

Download Core De Force Week #4 Meal Plan and Grocery List (Excel)

Also, if you don’t have Excel or prefer Google Sheets, here is a copy on Google Drive you can use & share!

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