core de force week 3 meal plan and grocery list

Core De Force – Week 3 Meal Plan and Grocery List – Plan A

Download Core De Force Week #3 Meal Plan and Grocery List (Excel)

So, today starts Core De Force Week #3, and yet another meal plan! Just like my Week #2 Core De Force Meal Plan, I did re-use a lot of my meals from Week #1 and Week #2 (Did you miss Week #1? Click here to see my meal plan and grocery list from the first week of Core De Force!) but again, added in some new things.

Before I go into the recipes & menu, a quick recap – this week I did have two MAJOR temptations. first was my husband Nick’s birthday! I ended up making him a cake with chocolate frosting out of the FIXATE cookbook, which turned out great, and we were even succesfull in limiting ourselves to 1 slice (the serving size).

The second temptation was that I was invited to guest speak at a Team Retreat on Cape Cod and went to dinner afterwards at the Boston Beer Company. That was tough. The place was filled with burgers, fries, and buffalo tenders, and delicious drinks; but I held strong and had a grilled chicken salad. The cool thing is that after following these meal plans for 14 days, I have some consistency under my belt that makes it easier to say “NO” to food.

Also, for Week #3, the Core De Force workout adds another Blue container (healthy fats, things like hummus and almonds), to keep the energy up.

So, here it is! My Core De Force Plan “A” Week #3 Meal Planner!

core de force week 3 meal plan

I am re-using a few crockpot recipes and clean eating recipes from the past to make this week easy and setup for success again.

Core De Force Week #3 Grocery List

Here is the grocery list (sorted by grocery store department!) that goes along with the above meal plan. I’ve found that over time I end up with some leftovers and condiments / oils / etc. I only need to buy intermittently. So for a family of four without doing any crazy coupon clipping this ran me about $150.

How much What Where?
package 6.5″ pita Bread Bread
1 Whole Grain Bread Bread
1 cup Tomato Sauce Canned
2 can Black Beans Canned
1 15 oz can Diced Tomatos Canned
1 can Tomato Paste Canned
15 oz can Tomato Sauce Canned
1 can Yellow Corn Canned
16 oz package Monterey Jack Cheese Dairy
1 package Mozzarella Cheese Dairy
Small Grated Parmesan Cheese Dairy
Small Greek Yogurt Dairy
1 dozen Eggs Dairy
1/2 gallon Unsweetened Almond Milk Dairy
6 slices Turkey Breast Deli
1 package Frozen Corn Frozen
4 Bell Peppers Fruits & Veggies
2 Yellow Onion Fruits & Veggies
4 Garlic Cloves Fruits & Veggies
Small Package Cilantro Fruits & Veggies
2 Lime Fruits & Veggies
3 Sweet Potato Fruits & Veggies
1 package Asparagus Fruits & Veggies
1 head Broccoli Fruits & Veggies
2 Zucchini Fruits & Veggies
2 Summer Squash Fruits & Veggies
1 Spaghetti Squash Fruits & Veggies
1 Green Pepper Fruits & Veggies
1 Sliced Mushrooms Fruits & Veggies
Small Basil Fruits & Veggies
2 heads Romaine or Lettuce Fruits & Veggies
4 Tomatos Fruits & Veggies
1 Avocado Fruits & Veggies
4 Lemons Fruits & Veggies
2 Cucumber Fruits & Veggies
1 Mango Fruits & Veggies
1 Orange Fruits & Veggies
1 onion Red Onion Fruits & Veggies
6 Apples Fruits & Veggies
small Blueberreis Fruits & Veggies
Small Strawberries Fruits & Veggies
Small Package Raw Almonds Fruits & Veggies
Small Hummus Fruits & Veggies
Small Veggies for dipping (celery, carrots) Fruits & Veggies
6 Banana Fruits & Veggies
4 lb Chicken Breast Meat
1 lb Salmon Meat
1 lb Tilapia Meat
1 lb Large Shrimp Meat
1 lb lean ground turkey 93% Meat
1 lb Flank Steak Meat
n/a Olive Oil Other
Small Quinoa Other
1 package Corn Tortillas Other
1 container Balsamic Vinegar other
Small Honey Other
Small Dijon Mustard Other
Small Chopped Pecans Other
1 jar Organic Peanut Butter Other
1 jar Worcestershire Sauce Other
Small Maple Syrup Other
Small Apple Cider Vinegar Other
1 Almond Butter Other
1 Unsweetened Coconut Flakes Other
Small Flax Seed Other
n/a Chili Powder Seasoning
n/a Cumin Seasoning
n/a Salt Seasoning
n/a Pepper Seasoning
 n/a Paprika Seasoning
n/a Coriander Seasoning
n/a Cayenne Pepper Seasoning
n/a Garlic Powder Seasoning
n/a Red Pepper Seasoning
n/a Onion Powder Seasoning

This is enough to feed me, my husband (who is on Plan B!), and our two kids (4 and 2 years old)!

Download Core De Force Week #3 Meal Plan and Grocery List (Excel)

Also, if you don’t have Excel or prefer Google Sheets, here is a copy on Google Drive you can use & share!

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