Master’s Hammer and Chisel – Week 2 Results

TWO WEEKS into Hammer & Chisel

Down 5 Lb, 6 inches, and feeling a LOT stronger!

I LOVE this program!!!! Here are my WEEK 2 Results! Down 5 Lb. and feeling a LOT stronger!

This week was a little bit of a struggle and I was not completely on point with my nutrition like I was during Week #1. It was my Birthday on Thursday, so I had some cake & drinks, and then on Saturday we had a holiday party at my house for my Team Forever Strong, so there were a few more drinks and some appetizers consumed. So my progress this week was good, but not quite what it could have been.

This week upcoming now (Week #3) has Christmas in it also, so I know I won’t be *perfect* this week – but that’s OK!  I’ve been testing this program out now for the past 2 weeks so I could be ready to go ALL IN with our EXCLUSIVE TEST GROUP starting on January 4th! We have SO many people already in this group who are ready to ROCK IT and YOU should join us too!!!

I’ve done just about every fitness program Beachbody has to offer and this is by far my favorite one! I am on Day #12 and I haven’t done the same workout yet.

I am having such a blast with this one because I LOVE how it combines weight training WITH cardio exercises AND I love switching back and forth between 2 trainers, Autumn Calabrese from the 21 Day Fix and Sagi from Body Beast!

SO – I’m inviting YOU to join my EXCLUSIVE TEST GROUP for this program starting right after the New Year on JANUARY 4th!

The New Year is coming guys and you can make a REAL change with your health and fitness if you commit to it! You’ll get my 1:1 help, plus the accountability and support from my team is our private group. Get best tips, recipes and daily motivation to keep you on track, plus win a prize! It’s a lot of fun!

I have 5 more openings in this EXCLUSIVE group and since this program was released THIS month, I am giving a FREE blender to the next 2 people who decide to join us!

Fill out the application below and I’ll message you with some more details ASAP! If you want to get your things on time to start with us on January 4th, then you gotta order ASAP!

Make 2016 your BEST year!!

Here is my recap from each day!




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