hammer and chisel week 1 progress photo

Master’s Hammer & Chisel – Week 1 Results!

ONE WEEK Into Hammer & Chisel!

You guys have all been watching me RAVE about how awesome the brand NEW Master’s Hammer and Chisel program is! You’ve been watching clips of my workouts each day and getting a sneak peek into what my nutrition has been like and now YOU get to see my WEEK 1 PROGRESS PICTURE! I’m PSYCHED about it!

Nick and I took our measurements, weighed in, did our before pictures and calculated our body fat percentage last Monday, the day we started this program together!

I was SO EMBARRASSED that I gained over 10 pounds, that I actually LIED to Nick about what my starting weight was when he recorded it!!! AND if you guys have been reading my posts prior to this you also KNOW how much I was STRUGGLING to stay on track with my nutrition…….and IT SHOWS in that first picture! It happens………I know this year is TOUGH for me…… but at least I have a PLAN and I am taking ACTION to improve it! I am DOWN 6 pounds!! I will comment below with what my body fat and measurements have gone down to later tonight when my hub gets home!

The is only ONE WEEK into this 60 day program!!! Can you believe how much your body can change in just one short week? I can’t even IMAGINE what the final results will look like and how much better I will feel! My energy is up, my nutrition is back on track, and I feel back in CONTROL again! I feel so much healthier!

Here is my recap from each day!

Sharing my experiences with my health and fitness journey, workout videos and nutrition on here helps hold me accountable because I know so many of my supporters are watching me! As a matter of fact the one REST day we had off over the past week, I had a few messages from people asking me where my workout video was! HAHA Thanks for keeping tabs on me!

If you want to be part of our TEST group for this program starting JANUARY 4th, fill out the form BELOWΒ and I’ll message you!Β I’m taking on 5 more people!







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