Core De Force Day #19 Review – MMA Plyo

MMA Plyo is the most intense workout of the entire Core De Force MMA program. It’s 12 rounds, which is the same length as MMA Power, but this one incorporates some jumping moves. The name Plyo made me think of 21 Day Fix Extreme Plyometrics and the original P90X Plyometrics, but it’s not really like that.The plyo moves are some jumping punch and jumping kick moves which just make it more difficult (depending on how intense you make the movements). Keep on reading for more details on each move and my overall review of Core De Force MMA Plyo!

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Core De Force – MMA Plyo – Details

  • Trainers: Joel Freeman and Jericho McMathews
  • MMA Plyo Duration: About 47 minutes, comprised of (12)  –  3 minute rounds.
  • MMA Plyo Goals: This workout is a 12 round Cardio focused workout.
  • MMA Plyo Required Equipment: Nothing!

Core De Force MMA Plyo Moves

This is the fourth main “cardio” workout included with Core De Force, the others being MMA Speed, MMA Shred, and MMA Power. These go up in intensity and time, with MMA speed being about 27 minutes (6 rounds), MMA Shred about 37 minutes (9 rounds), and MMA power being about 47 minutes (12 rounds). MMA Plyo is also 12 rounds and 47 minutes, but with some jumping (plyometrics) combinations added in, it adds a layer of difficulty, which is why this routine isn’t added in to the program until Week #3.

Just like all the other workouts, the program gives you a great variety of moves so the time goes quickly and you don’t feel bored.

Also similar to MMA speed, MMA shred , the format is a combo move for 1 minute, followed by a 30 second “spike” – a calorie-burning move to get your heart rate up. Then you repeat that again to complete each 3 minute round, and there is a 30 second rest in between rounds.

Let’s get into it!

MMA Plyo Round #1

  • Switch Roundhouse Kick – Nothing too crazy to start off this workout. A Switch Roundhouse kick, starting with your dominant leg forward. I am actually better at my left leg than my right leg at this move, I can lean over more. If you have hip flexibility issues it helps if you turn your foot more sideways.
  • Up Down Jab / Cross – the “spike” move is 30 seconds of up-down jab cross, like we saw way back when in MMA Speed. This gets harder if you go deeper in the down punches and if you increase the intensity and speed of the punches.

MMA Plyo Round #2

  • Jab Cross, Superman Punch – Oh yeah, a real PLYO move on this one 🙂 Jab Cross is pretty straightforward, but here is the fun move – after the cross you step forward with you jump forward on your forward leg and punch with the cross arm, using the forward momentum to put some power behind it, then shuffle back to the start position. core de force superman punchcore de force mma plyo jab cross superman punch
  • Up Down Hooks – Another one coming back from MMA Speed. Similar to the up / down jab cross in Round #1 but with hooks instead. The hooks make it a little more difficult because they force more rotation.

MMA Plyo Round #3

  • Jab, Cross, Rear Knee, Front Flying Knee – Jab and Cross, followed by a rear knee. After the rear knee you step through and then jump with your front knee. It really helps to visualize using your hips to push your knee forward.core de force mma plyo jab cross rear knee flying knee
  • Guarded Squat, Squat Jump – Another repeated move. It’s a squat, followed by a squat with a vertical jump. Land back in the squat, repeat! Going lower and keeping your chest and eyes up makes this move harder!

MMA Plyo Round #4

  • Cross, Switch Knee, Rear Flying Knee – Starts getting a little tricky here. You start with a rear cross. Then do a stance switch and knee wit the rear leg. Then in that position jump forward with the rear knee, and then reset your position.core de force mma plyo cross switch knee rear flying knee
  • Triple Lunge with Ginga Hop – We’ve seen this one before and it’s back 🙂 Three lunges and a lateral leap followed by another three lunges. Exaggerating the lunge movement makes this much more difficult. Also I had to focus to not move my lunging leg behind my forward one (like all those skaters in 21 day fix extreme 🙂 )core de force mma plyo triple lunge with ginga hop

MMA Plyo Round #5

  • Front Leg Check, Cross, Hook – Some defensive moves come into play here. For the leg check, you lift up your front leg and bring your elbow down simultaneously  inside the knee. Drop the check and follow up with a rear cross and front hook.
  • Lateral Jump, Vertical Jump – This Spike move is simple but a quad burner! It’s a lateral jump (not a shuffle, an actual JUMP) followed by a vertical jump. The higher you go, the wider you go, and the lower you squat, the more it burns!

MMA Plyo Round #6 (Halfway through!!!!)

  • Rear Leg Check, Cross, Switch Roundhouse – The mental games start up for REAL here! HAHA. This one starts with a rear leg check. Afterthat, you cross punch with the same rear arm, then jump switch and roundhouse kick. TONS of rotation in this.core de force mma plyo rear leg check cross switch roundhouse kick
  • Alternating Clinch Knee  – We have been doing these all along, so you know what the deal is here, right? Clinch your hands up high and drive it down and move your knee and hips forward. Leaning forward during the grab and back during the knee movements makes it more intense.

MMA Plyo Round #7

  • Rear Slashing Elbow, Rear Knee, Superman Punch – This one took me a while to get down, especially the foot work between the rear knee and the superman punch. You start with a rear downward slashing elbow which we have seen before. From there you do a rear knee move, then you step forward and jump carrying the momentum into a mega superman PUNCH!core de force mma plyo rear slashing elbow rear knee superman punch
  • Up / down jab cross – The same as Round #1’s spike move! The next five rounds are going to repeat rounds #1 through #6 spike moves.

MMA Plyo Round #8

  • Rear Push Kick, Jump Hook, Cross – You start the rear kick, doing the push  movement that we have seen before. You kick forward and cycle down by moving your hips forward, pushing your opponent away. Then you jump towards your opponent with a front cross (“to the cheek”) and then a rear cross, carrying that momentum the entire way into a cross.core de force mma plyo rear push kick jump hook cross
  • Up Down Hooks – Same as round #2. By this point again my legs are going week and maintaining depth on the “down” hooks is a struggle!

MMA Plyo Round #9

  • Front Uppercut, Rear Uppercut, Hook, Side Kick – This one must have been placed here to hit that rotational movement again. The two uppercuts create a big rotation,followed by a front hook and then a side kick, leaning over as much as you can to really extend the kick.
  • Guarded Squat Squat Jump – Same thing – back to the Round #3 spike!!

MMA Plyo Round #10

  • Body Jab, Cross, Switch Roundhouse Kick – Woohoo, only 3 rounds to go! The light is at the end of the tunnel! The body jab are HARD after those squat jumps from Round #9! Get low and rotate into the punch, then rear cross, and a switch roundhouse. core de force mma plyo body jab cross switch roundhouse kick
  • Triple Lunge with Ginga Hop – The same spike as Round #4 again!

MMA Plyo Round #11

  • Rear Leg Check, Hook, Rear Knee, Front Push Kick  – Say this one three times fast! This combo was really fun BUT holy cow it’s a lot of leg movements! Start with a rear leg check, then a hook. immediately move to the front knee and step through and use that momentum for a powerful push kick. It’s hard on Round #11 to put a lot of power behind your push kick but if you do you will get those results!! core de force mma plyo rear leg check hook rear knee front push kick
  • Lateral Jump, Vertical Jump – The same as Round #5! On to the LAST ROUND!! Yahoo!

MMA Plyo Round #12 (FINAL ROUND!)

  • Jab Cross, Front Leg Check, Superman Punch –  Nothing really crazy here in the last round, just a high intensity move to cap off 12 rounds of work! A Jab cross combo, front leg check and using that momentum for a powerhouse superman punch!core de force mma plyo jab cross front leg check superman punch
  • Alternating Clinch Knee – Final spike, back to the clinch knees from Round #6!

Donezo and all sweated out!! (Oh and PS, now you have to add in a core workout during week #3!)

Core De Force – MMA Plyo Review & Thoughts: 

This is the fourth “Cardio” MMA workout I have done in the Core De Force MMA workout program. This workout adds in plyometric moves but not like a typical Plyo workout. It’s more jump hooks, superman punches, and jump knees that are more about using forward momentum to put power behind the move (vs. simply trying to get as much height as possible over the ground).

The extra fruit and extra healthy fat in this week’s eating plan definitely helped give me the energy I needed to get through this workout, but I will say that the pacing of my meals is really important. During yesterday’s workout I missed my morning snack because I was out and about and I felt it during the workout. When you are eating lower calorie brackets to lose weight, you cannot miss a meal or you really feel the effects of it!

I also swear by my energize and it has really helped me with this program.

Core De Force Meals: 

What I ate today! (you can view my entire Week #3 Meal Plan and Grocery List here!)

  • Breakfast -Chocolate Shakeology w/ almond milk, 1/2 a banana, 1 Tsp peanut butter
  • Snack – Small apple w/ 1 tsp almond butter
  • Lunch – Salad w/ Chicken, 2 hard-boiled eggs and Mango Dressing
  • Snack – 1 slice whole grain toast w/ hummus
  • DinnerCore De Force Spaghetti Squash with Turkey Meat Sauce
  • Evening Snack –1/2 Banana and Almonds

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