22 Minute Hard Corps Resistance 2 Review

22 Minute Hard Corps – Day #8 – Resistance 2 Review

22 Minute Hard Corps – Resistance 2 Overview

  • Trainer: Tony Horton
  • Resistance 2 Duration: 22 minutes! There is a COLD START which adds on ~10 minutes if you need to warm up first. If you do everything, we are talking about 32 minutes.
  • Resistance 2 Goals: This is a weight training routine. It consists of 5 moves set to a cadence.
  • Resistance 2 Required Equipment: A mat is nice but not required. PT Sandbag or light / medium dumbbells, and a pull-up bar or resistance band!

22 Minute Hard Corps – Resistance 2 Moves

Some notes -Tony delivers this in 22 minutes. It’s three rounds of five moves, with varying repetitions (reps). Some go up and some go down, just like Resistance 1 and Cardio 1, and Cardio 2. Again, no bonus round! (yayyyyy!)

This workout starts with four warm-up moves – 10 reps each of running in place (high knees!), jumping jacks, and Tony’s “TH” Squats – basically a squat where on the first one you move your arms to the side laterally during the squat and on the next squat you move your arms forward like the Chair Pose in Yoga. It definitely warms up the quads!

After that, there are 10 Egoscue stretches. Tony always says, “Don’t know what an Egoscue is? Google it.

” Egoscue is a process which involves a series of stretches and gentle egoscuecises (“e-cises”) designed specifically for each client. This process strengthens specific muscles and brings the body back to its proper alignment and functioning the way it was designed—pain free.”

Anyways, in 22 Minute Hard Corps the Egoscue stretch is used to warm up the shoulders. You basically start at the position int he picture below and then pull your elbows together in front of you, repeat 10x. 22_minute-hard_corp_resistance_2_egoscue_stretch
So, here are the 5 moves!

  1. Burpee Press – I used the 20 Pound PT Sandbag for this but you could also use dumbbells. Start in the standing position with your weights on your shoulders. Drop down into a burpee (no pushup!). When you come back up, lift your arms above your head to do a shoulder press. You can vary your intensity by increasing or decreasing the weight. 22 minute hard corps resistance 2 burpee press
  2. Jump Squats – Holding the weight at your shoulders the entire time, you squat down and then jump up into the air. You can definitely make this harder by jumping higher and by going deeper into your squat. The reps on this move go up as you go through the three rounds and the third round is INTENSE !22 minute hard corps resistance 2 jump squats
  3. Chin Up L Crunch – This is a chin-up (so your hands are facing you). You do a chin-up, then while hanging, lift your legs into an L position, focusing on your core. 22 minute hard corps resistance 2 chin up L crunch
  4. Punch Pull – This is a lunge / back combination move. You start with the weight (I used 10 pounds) in just one hand at your shoulder. you then twist and lunge (see picture) with the weight to the ground. When you stand up again, you pull with your back and move your elbow backwards. That’s 1 rep! You do half of these moves on one side, and then switch to the other side. 22 minute hard corps resistance 2 punch pull
  5. Corkscrew Leg Lift – The Ab routine here! it’s a leg lift, but as you come to the top you lift 22 minute hard corps resistance 2 corkscrew lift


22 Minute Hard Corps – Resistance 2 Day #8 Review & Thoughts:  

This was a fun routine! I think I need to up the weights on the punch-pull next time, but the burpees, chin-ups, and jump squats are really HARD if you go to deep enough and push yourself.

The hardest move or me was the Pull Ups. I still have to work on that upper body strength. I used the Pull Up Assist Band to help me after a few reps; it really lets you do the move, feel the burn, and still keep your form, which is important for working the correct muscles.

I was definitely wiped out after the 22 minutes, yet again. The pacing in this routine is very quick in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, so there are only seconds between moves. AND, just like in Cardio 2, there is no bonus round here, which you will probably be very happy about 🙂

On a general note, I’m not going to write a blog post every day of this routine, just when new workouts come up. I’ll post my thoughts on the entire program as I work my way through it. If you are doing hard Corps, I’d love to hear from you about what you think in the comments below! IF you aren’t doing it and would like to join us, send me an email at kathi.reuter@gmail.com or fill out the form below and let’s get you going! You will LOVE this program!


22 Minute Hard Corps Day #8 Meals: 

This week I was actually running a Free Clean Eating Group – you can get the recipes by downloading my free e-book!

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