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Core De Force Half Way Point! – 2 Week Review & Progress

I am so excited, I made it HALF WAY THROUGH the brand-new Core De Force MMA Program!

This is honestly the most consistent I have been with my diet, nutrition and fitness since I did the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme last spring. And I feel AMAZING! I am doing it along with 45 other Coaches on Team Forever Strong, as well as another group of over 20 clients just trying to get in shape, and

This workout is fast-paced and FUN. Some of the workouts are a little longer than what I got used to with the 21 Day Fix, but it wasn’t nearly the time burden I thought it would be. Even my daughter loves doing the moves with me 🙂

For a recap, here are the posts about Core De Force so far! In each post, I share the details about the workout, including the length / duration of each Core De Force workout, the moves that are in it, my meal plan, and my personal thoughts on each move. I also have my meal plan reviews below.

Core De Force Workout Reviews!

Core De Force Meal Plans, Grocery List and Prep Tips!

So, what do I think about Core De Force after 15 Days?

I am IN LOVE with this program!

The three-minute rounds keep it challenging but not impossible. Insanity; Max30 is another workout that is literally 30 minutes of non-stop movement, and while that workout was extremely popular, I wasn’t really a huge fan, it kind of felt like torture.

These Core De Force workouts really grow with you as you get stronger

Core De Force workouts can really be done by anyone. In the beginning, your form will be sloppier. Your punches might look more like a limp-wristed slap. Your kick may look like you are kicking a bag of spaghetti. But as long as you give it your all, you will get stronger and improve, and as you improve you can increase the difficulty of almost every single move and keep the workout challenging for your personal fitness level.

doing something new my body couldn't do beforeFor example –

  • Roll Jumps – you squat more!
  • Kicks – you lean back further
  • Pushups – you do more on your toes instead of on your knees.
  • Punches and Kicks – more deliberate, and more force and more rotation with each move

I’ve gotten a LOT stronger over the last 2 weeks. On Dynamic Strength, I can do way more pushups on my hands than I could in Day #1! In general, all my moves are getting more intense, more deliberate. They look better and feel better, and tire me out more 🙂

I lost inches and pounds doing Core De Force, but I’ve also had a LOT of Non Scale Victories (NSV)

I lost over 9 pounds and over 4 inches in just 15 days of doing Core De Force, but what I really love is the non-scale victories. My pants and shorts are just fitting me better. It’s easier to play with my kids again. I feel more energy and more clear in my head throughout the entire day. My CORE! Holy cow my core is getting so MUCH stronger!

The Core De Force Meals and Meal Plan are delicious!

The first few days are always tough but after 15 days, I have this diet locked in now. I am in a routine of meal planning and prepping and eating the right foods and I am sleeping better and have more energy during the day. I did “cheat” twice – on my husband Nick’s birthday I made him a 21 Day Fix cake from the FIXATE cookbook, so I had one extra Yellow container (oops) than was in my plan. Also, I had a yellow as a drink on his birthday and at a leadership retreat I attended on Cape Cod. But none theless , the results are still coming.

I can’t wait to see what my results will be when the full 30 days is done!

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